Recommendations & Feedback

"Great product. We have been using them for a while now but this training made things seem a lot easier to do.

Before I watched your training program, I was like everyone else; I had it in my head how complicated it was, and didn't really want to change.

That being said, I have had the XCollar on myself, and when applied properly it works and I think c-spine is supported better. So I wanted to continue to work with it, and after going through the training program, I am a lot more comfortable and feel like I can use it in the dark."

- Gary Justice, Sunnyvale Fire Department, Texas

"I am very pleased with the way that they prevent more movement of the cervical spine when applied as opposed to the collars we use now. Our system and ITLS is also advocating the use of them."

- Kim Lamprecht, O’Fallon EMS, Illinois

"My years of experience in EMS has shown I am a stickler for immediate and proper securing/immobilization of the c spine when needed. Because of that , I am proud to say that 3 patients have tracked me down in the last 4 years who personally have hugged and thanked me for the ability to still be able to walk and enjoy life after severe injury to their c- spine. This job has its up and downs. These 3 people (like many others I have helped) made me smile and makes me work harder and better at the next unknown call.

That problem which your video showed, is the patient versus collar. Yes, I am one of those technicians that have come across that issue many many times...patient/neck size, collars cracking, Velcro becomes useless, locks don't lock. Not very professional looking when you’re surrounded by the public and everyone sees that one problem.

The collars that I use on call or in industry do the job BUT are flimsy and have always given me a false sense of security (so to speak), thus having to use more tape, Velcro straps, etc., taking valuable time away from patient care.

Your X collar gets a big WOW, 2 thumbs up and a yes nod from those of us that have watched your videos."

- Ron Stone, Alberta Health Services, Canada

I have used the xcollar. I like them 100% better than standard collars. They are easier to manipulate a patients head and neck in position found. It stops head movement and gives a perfect fit. I also have had a chance to use it with a nonrebreather mask. It worked wonderfully. Some of my patients have commented they are tight, but it does not interfere with their breathing. No collar is comfortable, but it does stabilize the neck and spine.
I really do like what the collars can do.

- Adam Thompson, NuCare Carolina Ambulance, North Carolina

"I'm thrilled with your products. They are exactly what our organization needs in wilderness applications."

- Robert Colwell, Loyalist Collegiate VI, Ontario, Canada

"Interesting new concept and it makes sense. Study guide is excellent and easy to follow."

- Robert Lentz, Baptist Medical Center, North Carolina

"We love the collars and don’t know why anyone would use the others!!! We have all taken the online course, I also included it in the immobilization portion of the EMT class and they all loved the collar and the training was very helpful."

- Karen O’Brien, Mellette County Ambulance, South Dakota

"I just stepped out of one of our labs where I have just finished teaching spinal immobilization to a new batch of EMT students. I was just showing them your product and like all my classes before them, everyone seems to enjoy your (XCollar Plus) product. I have had them watch your videos so they can see what a great product your company makes."

- Henry Cortez, South Texas College, Texas

”Very well done. Any technical troubles were very well attended to”.

(Referring to the Free Online Training Course and its customer support)

- Don Campbell, DRDC Operations, Canada